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For participating in Miles for Migraine Salt Lake City - 2023

Our story…

Thank you for supporting  Olivia and Rachel  and myself as we walk to raise money for Migraine Research.  I have suffered from migraines for 40 + years and unfortunately my daughters each received this genetic gene.  

Though the pain is disruptive to each of our lives, we find comfort that we understand the pain that each other feels and can support each other during trying times. No donation amount is too small.   Thank you for supporting us in this goal!

In 2023 after several years of only a few free migraine days in a year, my neuropsychiatrist asked me to write a letter to the Migraine itself.  The letter is below for those that do not understand the havoc migraines create in your life. The letters hope was to take away some of the power that I feel it takes from me. 

 On a funny note, for those co-workers who worked with me in the past,  I have many strong  and real relationships with you. Nothing changes or strengthens a friendship than having a co-worker witness me vomiting on the side of the road (once in front of a police station), being rolled out to a cab for an ER visit on a luggage cart), or  laying under a desk .  Thanks to each of you in my troubled times!

Dear Migraine,

I cannot begin to express the extent to which you have stolen moments from my life that were never yours to take. We crossed paths when I was just 15 years old, and since then, you have relentlessly disrupted my life. You strike at the most inconvenient and unexpected times, robbing me of precious moments with my family, friends, and the activities I enjoy. I used to believe there was only one of you. I now know you are part of a vast family, Migraine. I have learned to identify your distinct presence within me, distinguishing you from your relatives on a scale of 1 to 10. I am familiar with your individual tricks and the severity of the torment you unleash if I am unable to fend you off in time.

Anxiety has become a constant companion in my life, particularly when I sense your impending arrival. You make your presence known, whether it begins with a feeling in my stomach, disturbances in my eyesight or hearing. Then you settle in, inflicting the most excruciating pain at the back of my head, gradually spreading to the sides, front, neck, eyes, or sometimes concentrating in a singular point or encompassing my entire being.

During these moments of agony, I often fear for my life, yet you exacerbate the pain, leaving me fearful that I will endure, trapped in your clutches. Once the vomiting begins, I admit defeat, for you have emerged victorious. At this point, hopelessness engulfs me entirely, leaving me to wonder what could possibly banish you from my life.

This year I turn 53, we have been adversaries for quite some time.  I have discovered a combination of treatments that keep you at bay. I am mastering the art of warding you off.  I feel as if I have acquired a Ph.D. in understanding you as an illness. I am well-versed in the methods doctors use to control your impact.

Lastly, I detest you because you have taken away my love for the four seasons.  Spring brings forth allergies, exacerbating your visits. My depression heightens in October in the last few years, I had only 4-7 migraine free days for each month of August to October.  I know that winter signals your increased presence, as temperature and barometric changes increase your frequency and intensity.

Over the past decade, you have managed to strip away the joy I once found in exercise, leaving behind a void that has profoundly impacted my self-esteem. The weight I have gained has become a constant reminder of your unwelcome presence.  I cry as I write these sentences now. Physical activity used to bring me immense pleasure, allowed me to stay fit and maintain a positive body image. However, your relentless attacks have made it nearly impossible for me to partake in the activities I once loved.

Nevertheless, I cling to hope! On August 05, 2023, I walk alongside my two daughters, who also suffer from migraines, in our effort to raise funds for migraine and headache research. We wish to support the most dedicated and lifesaving physician, Dr Dan Henry, who started the Danielle Byron Migraine Foundation, when he lost his migraine suffering daughter at the age of 17 due to suicide.

Love to all of you and my sympathy for all those who suffer with migraines,


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